Park Series: Virginia Kendall-Salt Run

IMG_6374Last week, I spent some time in Virginia Kendall with my good friend Tessa. We took the lake side rather than the ledges featured in my previous post. Our three mile hike took us up hills, down stairs, across bridges, and near a river.

IMG_6323This is not an easy hike. From the moment you leave the open area near the lake, your heart rate begins to pick up.  The colors during this time of year leave you breathless. The reds, oranges, and yellows cascade across the sky as nature prepares for its long sleep.

IMG_6376To have friends who share a common interest with you is a beautiful thing. They can remind you of some hard lessons that one can forget at times. In this case, I was reminded to stop focusing so much on the next step and to just enjoy the present. I felt bad during the first part of the hike when I realized that I was glued to my phone or camera. It made me realize how disconnected I was from nature and interacting with others.

IMG_6353Eventually, I put my phone away and took some time to absorb the beauty around me. It was a lesson well learned and I hope to apply it to the future. Enjoy the rest of the photos.

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