Park Series: Gorge

IMG_6713The Gorge has been one of those trails that I go to fairly often. It’s near by an area where I spend a lot of time, so it doesn’t take me out of the way in terms of visiting it. It is one of the more primitive trails that I’ve gone on in this area. It’s probably on par with Virginia Kendall’s Salt Run Trail.

Located off of Front St., near Cuyahoga Falls Ave, this park spans across either side of the Cuyahoga River. If you are unfamiliar with this trail or are new to hiking, I would suggest not doing what I do and go off trail. I like to really explore by hanging out on the cliffs and getting practically into the river. It can get a bit dangerous if you don’t have the proper footwear. This is especially true after a rain.

IMG_6746The trail, itself, gives access to the Mary Campbell Cave which allows hikers to weave through close quarters and up tiny stairs. I get the feeling of being spit out from beneath the earth when I reach the end of the short cave system. It’s kind of cool.

IMG_6758Near the beginning (or end, depending on where you start your hike) the Cuyahoga river reaches a dam which creates a beautiful waterfall effect. It’s very soothing when there aren’t many people around.

Overall, it’s one of my favorites and definitely one of the most convenient trails for me to spent time on. Check it out if you can. Enjoy the rest of the photos.


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