Travel Log: Phoenix

IMG_3005I’ve finally gotten around to posting about my week-long Phoenix trip in September. As soon as I got back, I was in the throes of work, so I hadn’t had a chance to relax and actually process it all. But here we are.

IMG_5389So, Phoenix. It’s a desert. As a lover of all things autumn, it was almost unbearable especially since I tend to wear black. The temperature floated around 106 degrees most of the time and although it was dry heat, it was still heat. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time indoors. Also, I found out that it isn’t a cultural mecca by any means, but each adventure to a new place adds to my life experiences. I learned that a lot of people there can’t drive and rain often causes wrecks. IMG_5355But I knew coming in that this was less of a sightseeing trip and more of some time to unwind, refocus, and visit my favorite cousin.  While there I got to see her world and we really got a chance to catch up. I knew that we were similar, but I never realized how similar. Imagine me 10 years older. Yup, that’s about it.
IMG_5337Being around her was like looking into my future in some respects. This is a well-traveled, intelligent, level-headed, creative woman who has a measure of success, an incredible little family, and the strength to speak her mind concerning anything she sees fit. She is my role model. Her life hasn’t been easy, but she’s overcome all of the obstacles that have been thrown her way and she’s learned from them which is the most important part. IMG_5375

I have so much respect for her and I think having her in my life has truly made me a better person. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the photos. I ate, drank, relaxed, and was quite merry.  

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