Hey Monea! Releases New Album

IMG_6833Halloween night, I got to see one of my favorite local band play at Musica to celebrate their most recent album, Fifty.


IMG_6802Mark Leach, a Barberton, Ohio musician, opened up for them and I really enjoyed the band’s country vibe. Leach has a great voice that really draws you in. You can find his music here.


Hey Monea hit the stage soon after and let me tell you, they consistently put on a good show. It amazes me how many catchy songs they can shove into a single album. From the moment I first listened to it, I was immediately drawn in by the “feel good,” memorable lyrics and upbeat sound.

IMG_6844Throughout the release show they played a mix of songs from their previous albums and this newest one. Out of this new album, my favorite song would have to be “Save Me.” It’s a bit more pensive than the others while still finding it’s way to be catchy and memorable. “Honey Do” comes in a close second on my favorites list.

They alternate between faster and more mellow tunes over the course of the album that keeps your neck rocking and your feet tapping.

They somehow Hey Monea has this ability to create an incredibly likeable album that showcases their genuine and kind nature. I couldn’t help but rock my way through the entire thing. If you want to check out their album you can find it here.

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