Tea Time with the Mad Artist is the brainchild of Wonderland native, Bronlynn Thurman. Often referring to herself as a storyteller, this Jane of all trades enjoys exploring the world through visual and literary avenues. Thurman began her studies as a graphic design major at The Art Institute of Washington before graduating with a Bachelor’s in Advertising at Kent State University. She sees herself as a never-ending student and is currently pursing her Master’s in UXD while expanding her artistic skillset and attempting to develop her skills in programming.

This Wonderland tour guide and tea hostess has a day job working in the philanthropic sector focusing on community building, public spaces, education, economic development, and art. When she isn’t working, you will find Thurman working on her novel with her rather loud assistant, Raizo, traveling the world, weightlifting, reading a book at the local coffeeshop, and finding little gems across Northeast Ohio.

Tea Time with the Mad Artist developed towards the end of the summer of 2012 as a way for Thurman to showcase her work, document her cooky antics, and pay tribute to the many things that inspire her. On this blog you will find small business reviews, arts and culture reviews, concert and street photography, analyses of the cities she visits, and her random musings about her life. She hopes that you all take the time to journey through her little rabbit hole and come out believing that magic is not just in the land of fiction.

Until we meet again,

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