Park Series: Hampton Hills

IMG_6002 (1)Hampton Hills, located in the Cuyahoga Falls area, is such a hidden gem. I was meeting up with a like-minded friend of mine for a hike who I had met at one of the Akron Women In Tech events that I attend. She ended up being an excellent subject for a few of my shots.

IMG_5987For a little more about Hampton, it is a more primitive trail with bridges, long steps, dried up river beds, and lots of fallen trees. If you aren’t paying attention, you will probably trip over a tree root or two like I did. It isn’t a very lengthy trail though. I think we did the full loop in about 45 minutes or less.

IMG_5986When it comes to my life, clarity and peace have set in as they always do when a final decision is made. The rollercoaster has ended and as usual, life moves full steam ahead. Do I regret the time spent mulling over something that never was? Nah. Each experience is a lesson that will make me stronger and more aware.


Within the storm, life seems much more chaotic and uncertain. Outside of it, things are revealed to be barely unsettled. I’ve gotten better about not letting these emotions interfere with my daily life. I can laugh things off more easily which is such a beautiful and empowering feeling. Staring at these photos reminds me to try my hardest to stay present. Breathe it all in, but never let it own you.

Here’s a few more shots from Saturday (October 10th):

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