Park Series: Deep Lock Quarry

IMG_7438Deep Lock Quarry is located near a quaint, little area called Boston Township. I have no clue what a quarry is and I haven’t gotten around to looking it up at the time of this posting, so I’ll just yield all questions about that to Google.

I hiked this trail on the same day that I hiked the Wood Hollow one because it was getting close to the end of the Fall Hiking Spree and I wanted to complete it.

IMG_7445I took the Quarry trail that did a bit of a loop and it wasn’t bad. It is a basic trail with a Moderate rating. That means that it isn’t a paved path and it has more of a natural wear with rocks and hills.

IMG_7450IMG_7454I got to the top of the quarry and still had no clue what it was. It looked like a massive hole in the ground or something that captured water. I had already done most of my thinking for the day, so I was more focused on actually enjoying the scene.

Overall, it wrapped up a good several hours of hiking and I went home with food on my mind. I hope you all enjoyed the photos.

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