Daniel Rylander Album Release

IMG_6184Saturday, October 17th, I headed over to Musica for Daniel Rylander‘s sophomore album release, The Memoirs of a Poolside Romance.

IMG_6110Cody J. Martin kicked off the night and he pulled off a great set as usual. I’m not going into extreme depth because he has become a regular feature here. His use of imagery and skill on the guitar will leave you awestruck. You can check out his work here.

IMG_6165AJ & The Woods were the second to play. I didn’t get to hear a lot of their set due to accidentally double booking myself and running over to Blu Jazz+ to see the Huntertones.

IMG_6209Now, Daniel, I hadn’t heard him play in quite some time, so this was my first taste of any of his new music. He played a mixture of songs from both albums throughout the night.

IMG_6177This new, seven-track album has quite a few songs that use the ukulele. It’s a story of heartbreak and love. I think my favorite track would have to be “Hurts Like Hell.” You can check out it out here.

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