Allen Cruz & The Galaxy EP Release Show

IMG_1703The first album release of the summer! I am happy to say that it was a good one. If you all recall, I reviewed Allen Cruz & The Galaxy’s latest EP last week. If you don’t recall that, then check it out here. I was pretty excited about this release show because I hadn’t gotten a chance to hear this band play live since I saw them play at the Dinner and a Suit Show. I was definitely not disappointed.

Yankee Bravo was the first to hit the stage. They are a Folk/Americana Rock band from Canton, OH. They were featured in this month’s About Magazine and I thought they were really good. I’ll have to dig more into them soon.


Goodboogie, Inc. was up next. It’s a rock band that touches on a range of genres, but the one that stood out the most to me was Funk. I really dug their old sound and they even covered “Twist and Shout” originally named “Shake It Up, Baby.” That gives them an “A” in my book. I was really impressed by the way they got everyone up out of their seats. They definitely have a way with the crowd.

Andrew in Vienna was the last to hit the stage before AC & The Galaxy. I’ve heard the name around and had to miss their album release due to prior engagements. It is a 4 piece Indie Rock band out of Canton, OH. I thought they were really good as well and now I’m kind of sad that I missed their album release. I’ll definitely be checking out their album soon.

Last but not least, Allen Cruz & The Galaxy hit the stage. They were great interacting with the crowd and although it was a little loud, they did a great job. In addition to songs from their album, they also did a lot of covers. The one that stuck out the most to me was Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” Out of their album songs, my favorite was “Hugs ‘n Kisses.” That will forever be one of my favorites from them.


I pretty sure I saw more dancing at this show than most of the other ones that I’ve been to. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and all of the music was an instant mood booster.

IMG_1769I had to throw this picture up here because it makes me laugh. They both look so happy. Featured is Allen Cruz of Allen Cruz & The Galaxy with friend and local musician, Daniel Rylander. If you don’t know about him, then you should definitely check him out too!

Anyway, for those who didn’t get a chance to make it out, you really missed a good show. If you’re looking to get a copy of their album, you can find it at any of their shows (once it’s released online I’ll post the link).


As always, thanks for reading!



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