Concert: Dinner And A Suit, Daniel Rylander, AC & The Galaxy, & First & Thorne

Saturday, March 1, I found myself back at Musica for another show. I think this is becoming a really cool habit. I’m going to keep the intro short and move right into introducing the bands.

First to hit the stage was local, indie pop/rock band, Allen Cruz & The Galaxy. I was immediately impressed by this 4-piece band. When I arrived at Musica they were doing a cover of a Whitney Houston song. The name escapes me at the moment, but they rocked it. I personally think that they played it so well because they already have an older sound. When they moved on to original songs you could really hear it. I felt like I should have been hand dancing instead of standing in the back. My favorite from their set would have to be “Hugs n’ Kisses.”


I also got a chance to chat with Allen and pick up a cd. He seems like a pretty cool, quirky guy. I would definitely recommend everyone check them out.

Next up was local rock band, First & Thorne. Personally, they where not my cup of tea. They transitioned from indie rock to heavy metal in the middle of songs and it sent me back to my high school days. I’d prefer to keep those memories where they’re at. They were okay overall.

But speaking of high school, this particular show seemed like it was full of the youngsters and a lot of them seemed to have come for this particular group. Can I say youngsters even though I’m mid-20s? Oh well, who cares.

I may be wrong but I strongly suspect that this is what some of the younger crowd is into these days. Honestly, I felt like I was corrupting innocent souls as I was drinking my vodka and cranberry while teens weaved throughout the room. I was nowhere near as bad as a particular guy there, but we won’t get into him. I’m trying to keep this post wholesome.


Daniel Rylander was the third to hit the stage and his set was great as usual. You may remember him from this post. This is the third time I’ve heard him and his band play and they have yet to disappoint. He’s a local artist who released his debut album, Strawberry Skyline, last September and it is amazing. He really does have a beautiful voice with great stage presence and he’s a pretty cool guy. I mean anyone that can play a ukulele has to be really cool, right?


He also played my favorite song from his album called ‘Paper Veins.’ It’s such a beautiful song and it sounds just as good live although it’s missing the piano. Out of all the artists who played that night, he’s my favorite hands down. Check him out. If you don’t, then you’re doing yourself a horrible disservice. You can listen/buy his album here.

Last, but not least are the headliners, Dinner and a Suit. I love them. They’re such a great band. Not too many people know about them in this area, but I wish they did.

Dinner and a Suit is a pop/rock band from Nashville, TN. There’s a pretty interesting story behind their name, but I won’t go into it here. To pique your interest, know that it’s from the Great Depression. They’re currently on their “Where We Started” Winter Tour that spans across the United States.


This is the first time I’ve heard them live and I was not disappointed. Jon (the lead singer) has a really nice voice and you can’t help but move to the beat when they’re playing. The energy was great and they were nice enough to bring a couple of fans on stage with them to sing along. I really wish that they had more of a following here because they’re such a talented band. If you want to check them out, I’ve linked to their Facebook page above.




Below is their new music video for “Where We Started.”

Thanks for reading!


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