EP Review: Stay by Dinner and a Suit


Dinner and a Suit is a 4-piece, Nashville-based band composed of cousins Jonathan Capeci (vocalist) & Joey Beretta (guitarist) along with Anthony Genca (bassist) and Drew Scheuer (drummer). They have been on tour since their 2012 LP release Since Our Departure. You may remember them from a post early this March.

Well, now they’re back with their newest EP Stay which is out October 7th. I was lucky enough to get a chance to listen to it beforehand and it is definitely an emotional journey. With tracks focused on the complications of love, this EP pulls at the listener’s heartstrings.

It begins with the love-drunk track “Can’t Get Enough.” This sweet tune was released with the announcement of the EP. You can give it a listen below. I found it to be the perfect single. It’s catchy enough for radio play, but Capeci’s voice is interesting enough to not be drowned out by other songs.

“Get You Back” is definitely my favorite. I really dig the lines, “And I can feel the push back, I can see the struggle in your head. I feel it in my bones and I can’t get over it.” There’s something about the mixture of desperation and determination that calls to me.

That leads us to the upbeat “A Way Out.” It’s not a bad song, but if I have to choose, it would be my least favorite on the EP.

The final track, “Everything That You Do,” seems like a good track to wrap this up. In this song, the narrator tries to explain how he doesn’t care about all the wrong that’s been done. He just wants to be with his love. It’s the final stand in a sense.

Overall, I like how consistent it is. There isn’t really a song that feels out of place. It’s the type of EP that I find myself listening to while drawing. It’s light enough not to distract me from working, but has enough draw that I can still be engaged if I choose. I would definitely suggest checking it out when it’s released.

If you like what you’ve read, you can pre-order Stay on iTunes and on their online store. You can also snag one of the t-shirts with the cool cover art I’m obsessed with on there.

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