September 1st Friday

IMG_5098Last Friday, I ventured down to Canton for another 1st Friday. I hadn’t gotten a chance to check out another one since the time I went earlier this year. I had heard my friend Cody J. Martin was playing at one of my favorite coffee shops down there (Cultured Coffee Co.) and it was too good to pass up.

IMG_5082Cody J. Martin is a local musician who released his debut album earlier this year. He is always a pleasure to listen to. His music touches on a wide variety of genres. The most apparent are folk, country, and blues.

If you’re so inclined, then check out his album here.

IMG_5170The next band I heard was SHVS. I had never heard of them before that night, but they were awesome. I was incredibly impressed by their performance. SHVS is a Ohio surf, punk, rock band. You can’t help but move to the music once they start playing.

If you want to check out any of their work, then take a gander here.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the Intangibles, but I hear that they’re an awesome band, so I’ll check them out sometime soon.

Thank you all for reading,




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