Cafe Review: Cultured Coffee Co.


A few days ago, I went down to Canton and checked out a coffee shop that just opened up earlier this year. It’s a cute place situated a few doors down from Buzzbin on the Downtown Canton Strip.

Cultured Coffee Co. opened its doors in January 2014. I had noticed it was coming soon when I went to the Canton Froth Fest.

It’s a very warm space with lots of wood and natural colors, kind of a rustic charm. Music played softly in the background and you could smell the locally roasted coffee waffling through the air. It’s a really nice place to met up with people and just hang out.


I really like the coffee cups and the coffee. They actually have cute, little, sticky mustaches that cover the hole so that the coffee doesn’t splash out. As a self proclaimed coffee snob, I thought that my mocha was pretty good. It didn’t taste overly sweet and the flavor didn’t completely mask the taste of the espresso. I’d definitely recommend it.


If you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out.

Cultured Coffee Co.

309 Cleveland Avenue NW

Canton, OH 44702

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