Musica: Hey Monea!


Friday, March 21, I attended another show at Musica. This time it was a homecoming show of the Canton, Ohio-based band Hey Monea! that just finished a tour spanning the east coast as well as the southern part of the U.S. They had two opening acts joining them, Quincy Mumford & the Reason Why and Winslow. I’ve listened to Hey Monea!’s album “Cheap Souvenirs” several times but had never heard them live. I was not disappointed, but that’s jumping the gun a bit.


Quincy Mumford & the Reason Why is a New Jersey band that is led by Quincy Mumford, who is a five album, award-winning singer/songwriter. The rest of the band is made up of extremely talented and experienced musicians with a wide variety of backgrounds. They play more funk, soul, surf music. I was extremely impressed by this band especially the guy on the sliding guitar. After the show, I checked out a bit more of their music and it’s great to really chill to.


Winslow is an Akron, Ohio-based band fronted by Maurice Fleming Williams. Interestingly, Williams and I know similar people and he already knew who I was. Winslow has been together for around 8 years, produced a couple of albums, and plays more soul, rock, and pop. It’s a very different sound from other bands in this general area which makes it stand out a lot more. I heard about them a few years back, but this was my first time actually getting to hear them play live.


Hey Monea! is a very popular local, rock band that was established around 2005. They’ve played with many famous entertainers, including Bruce Springsteen, Kid Rock, Sugar Ray, Lady Antebellum, The Script, and many more. I was told that I must see this band live and as I said earlier, I was not disappointed. They have an older sound to them with some pop influences. Everything they played was catchy and mostly light-hearted. They even let us hear a song that they wrote while on the road. Towards the end of their set they brought back Quincy Mumford & the Reason Why for a good ol’ jam session. It was an overall great time.

IMG_6860I hope you all enjoyed the photos and I’d suggest checking out all of these bands. They’re all really great. Thanks again for reading.


*All video is property of those respective bands.*

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