Restaurant Review: One Red Door


IMG_5387In 2011, One Red Door opened its doors in Hudson as the brainchild of Chef Shawn Monday, his wife/business partner, Tiffany, and their business partner/designer, Michael Schwartz. It has been named an “A List Restaurant” by Cleveland Magazine for three years running. Chef Monday has been featured in a lot of publications such as Food and Wine Magazine, Northeast Ohio Live, and Scene Magazine. He has also been showcased on Cooking Channel’s “Unique Eats” for his restaurant, Flip Side, that is located next door. With a resume like that I couldn’t help but give this place a try.

The establishment is beautifully designed. I went in about mid-afternoon on a Friday so it was fairly empty . I could see the entirety of the seating area and it gave off a very relaxed feel. The colors are neutral and it reminds me of a modern tavern. There’s a lot of exposed brick, wood, and lightbulbs. I love the lightbulbs they used. I’ve always been a fan of them.


IMG_5398IMG_5409 IMG_5411

The staff is very friendly. I asked my waitress for her opinions on the menu and she let me in on her favorites. I ended up starting off with a Bourbon Baked Apple cocktail that consisted of bourbon, brandy and apple cider. There was also a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. They do not hold back when it comes to their drinks. It was great and very creative. I also got a cheese board that could have very well been my lunch on its own. On it I picked Vintage Gouda, House made Salami, and Lemongrass Duck Sausage Skewer and it came with slices of apples, crackers, crusty bread, nuts, onions, fruit mustardo, and grain mustard.


A few minutes later my meal was brought out and I definitely couldn’t eat everything in one sitting. I got the popular One Red Door Burger with a side of house made fries. It features Ohio raised, grass fed beef, melted brie, crispy shallots, and date applewood smoked bacon aioli.


It seems like they do an interesting twist on classic meals. The burger I had, was not just any old burger. It melted in my mouth. I got it cooked medium because I like my beef with some pink. The cheese had a full flavor and the overall burger had a hint of sweetness to it. I think it may be the dates in the aioli. I really enjoyed it.

The prices were very reasonable for what you got. My total meal with around $33 before tip and I was absolutely content with that. I even had enough food to take home with me and I ate it later that day. The waitress was right. The cheese board travels very well.

Overall, I had a lovely experience and I can’t wait to go back. I really want to try more of their cheeses. If you’re in the area, I would highly suggest you checking it out.

IMG_5445One Red Door

49 Village Way

Hudson, OH 44236


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