EP Review: Talk about the Moon

10439631_10100805794094457_229875307_nTitle: Talk about the Moon

Artist: Allen Cruz & The Galaxy

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock

Release Date: July 5, 2014


Allen Cruz & The Galaxy is a band that I’ve been keeping my eye on since I first heard them play earlier this year. They have a sound like no other I’ve heard in this area. Drawing upon a variety of genres, this self-described indie pop/rock band sounds a lot older than they look. It is quite refreshing.

With their new 7-track EP, set to release on July 5th, Allen Cruz & The Galaxy does an excellent job of tapping into the sound of prior generations. They open the album with the sweet, upbeat, jazzy “Hugs n’ Kisses” that evokes a certain nostalgia for a time gone by. They then lead you through a journey of love with songs like the caring “Mirrors,” flirty “Strawberry Pie,” pleading “Cancer,” and envy-inducing romance of “Little Red.”

I really enjoy the vast majority of the songs on this album, but for the sake of this review I’m going to choose my top three.

“Hugs n’ Kisses” would have to be number one. It’s a song about someone gone off to war and they and their spouse are sending letters back and forth. It is by far the one song I’ve listened to the most. It’s such a fun song that just sends me back in time. I feel that I should be swing dancing to it.

The second would have to be “Cancer.” It’s the vocals that really catch my attention, but it’s both a pleading and accusatory song. The narrator knows their significant other is bad for them, but at the same time they don’t want to leave them. I’ve noticed that it seems like with a few of their songs, Allen sings two sides. I like it. It’s interesting.

The third is hard. I really dig the message of acceptance in “Mirrors,” but “Chewing Words” pulls out in a close third. It’s also a jazzier song that is more nostalgia fueled than most of the others.

Favorite Lyrics

“Baby, it’s been quiet, but the radio keeps playing our song.” (“Hugs ‘n Kisses”)

“She is a cancer in a hurricane, my mind is blown away” (“Cancer”)

“I have to howl a tune and oh she’s so pretty.” (“Wolf Story”)

“I’m not afraid of this.

I’ve faced bigger monsters in my sleep.” (“Chewing Words”)

There’s no doubt about it, Allen has an amazing voice and the band compliment him incredibly well. You can tell that Bruno Mars is one of his bigger influences. This can be heard in the vocals of “Cancer” and “Chewing Words.” I will say that he does get a touch raspier when he goes for the higher notes, but that’s negligible compared to everything.

It is a pretty polished album. You don’t hear the hiccups that some of the other unsigned artists have. The intro did throw me off a bit. When I first played it, I though that there was something wrong until “Hugs ‘n Kisses” started playing it. When the album completed I realized that they used some kind of recorder sound to begin and wrap it all up.

Overall, this is an album that is enjoyable for multiple generations. It’s very mood-lifting and fun with a wide variety of genres blended together to give you something new and interesting.

If you want to get first hand experience, then I would suggest checking out their EP Release Show on July 5th at Musica in Downtown Akron. That is going to be one hell of a show. You can also find this band on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and Instagram.

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