Wedding Photography: Anthony & Liatresia

IMG_0051Friday, I had the pleasure of going to my cousin’s wedding. It was tons of fun with lots of music, food, and alcohol. I’m so happy that those two were able to find each other. They are such a fun couple.

Wedding (click on the photos to enlarge):

Reception (click on the photos to enlarge):

The reception decor was lovely. I loved the deep blue and white. The atmosphere was so relaxing.

They also had a Photo Booth and since I went alone, I took some photos with the handsome Photo Booth Operator. Score!

This was my absolute favorite photo of the night:


This centerpiece was to die for.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I wish Anthony & Liatresia the absolute best.  Congratulations you guys!

signature*If anyone wants to use my photos for any reason, please ask me first and please credit me. I work hard to take good shots and I don’t want them to go uncredited.*


2 responses to “Wedding Photography: Anthony & Liatresia

  1. OMG……………..I am so amazed at how talented you are. These photos are exquisite. You’ve captured the essence of what this celebration was all about. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I need to discuss with you about making THREE scrapbooks (cost, etc). I’M SERIOUS!!!. Email me (see below) or call me.

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