Froth Fest 2015

IMG_8176The first Friday in the Canton area is always a fun time. Each month they hold their “First Friday” events where tons of bands play at various venues, food trucks appear, and people flock to the arts district. But there’s something special about the first Friday of the year. Froth Fest teams up with First Friday to bring us “Beers, Bands, and Chainsaws.”

You probably remember my post from last year, but if not, it’s located here.

IMG_8166This year, my best friend and I took the trip down there and was pleasantly surprised by the mild weather. Tons of people roamed the streets and ice carvers had their chainsaws out and ready. We spent the majority of our time in Buzzbin and its two extensions. I’m not exactly sure when the add-ons were made but I hear that it gives them an opportunity to show multiple bands at one time.

IMG_8167We ended up checking out The Got it, Got it, Need it, The SHVS, Acid Cats, The Intangibles, The Said So, and Kalie Lou & The Cleavers. I’ve heard The SHVS and Acid Cats previously, but everyone else was fairly new to me. I’ll have to check them out again before I can give my full opinion.

Acid Cats were phenomenal as usual and The Got it, Got it, Need it have really piqued my interest. Starting off the first weekend of the year with music is always a good sign.

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