Artist Spotlight: Steve Ereht

Hello everyone! I’m excited to introduce a new section to the blog called Artist Spotlight. This is where I highlight some of the great local artists of the Northeast Ohio area.


The first Artist Spotlight goes to Steve Ehret who I met recently at Froth Fest 2015. Ehret is the face behind the mural on Buzzbin’s stage and the walls of its extensions. He’s a local artist who has exhibited in Canton, Massillon, Cleveland, Akron, and San Francisco.

His work is the stuff of dreams or for some, nightmares. His characters are colorful, creepy, funny and interesting. From his site, I found out that in addition to spray paint, he also works with oil and acrylic paint. I really enjoy his work. I’m always captivated by it when I step into Buzzbin.

IMG_8179You can find more on his website, as well as a recent Canton Repository article.

Thanks for reading,



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