Kent Yoga


I take yoga classes at Kent Yoga by the Cuyahoga River. Between the beautiful rustic look of the old silk mill, the luscious garden that span across the side of the building, the beautiful hardwood floors, and the soothing sounds of the rushing river, there is little to dislike about this place.


I’ve had both the Gentle/Moderate and Moderate (Normal) classes and I liked them both. The Moderate class is more of my speed while the Gentle/Moderate class is more for when I want to slow it down. Both of the teachers I’ve had (Heidi & Cheril) were engaging and had no problems helping me correct my form at times. Although, I am the only minority and the youngest in most of my sessions, I’ve never feel excluded. It’s just so welcoming there.


I’m trying to keep up with going at least once a week since they opened a morning class that fits my schedule. In the last class I had, I learned a lot more about my body. My left knee isn’t in the best of shape, probably due to a basketball injury I had in middle school. I’m a lot less flexible due to weightlifting and not stretching as often as I should. I’m also hyper-flexible in a few places, so I end up over extending which could lead to injury. All of that means is I have to be careful and make sure I prepare myself when attempting advanced poses.

Every once in a while I have to pull out of a pose because of my knee or hips. Other than that I’m still moving along well with the class. My goal is still the same. I want to be able to do a lot more advanced poses and get to know my body a lot better. I’m slowly but surely getting there.

If you are in the Kent area, I would suggest giving Kent Yoga a visit. I hear they also do strength training classes and chanting classes.


Kent Yoga

145 South River St. Suite 5

Kent OH 44240




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  1. Hey, there! Lovely blog and such gorgeous pics of the studio. ❤ I hope I get to see you some time in one of the classes up there!

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