Cafe Review: Wild Goats


The Wild Goats is one of the regular places that I eat at in Kent. Earlier this year they extended their hours to evenings which was great because often times I’m downtown later in the day. I also don’t normally eat breakfast in the mornings.


It’s a very cozy place  with a diner look that uses a lot of natural ingredients. They’ve recently remodeled the place by painting the walls, adding breakfast inspired paintings, and changing the light fixtures. I’m a big fan of earth tones and the diner look so I felt right at home there. The prices are reasonable and the food is pretty good. I would recommend it to anyone dropping by Kent who wants diner type food.

IMG_9479 IMG_9474 IMG_9477

For a late lunch I got the Portobello Mushroom Burger on a pretzel roll with a side of Bacon Mac & Cheese. Their mushroom burgers are always really good. They could be a bit more flavorful, but it is still one of the best I’ve had. I have to tell them light on the cheese because sometimes it gets too cheesy and I go without the garlic mayo because I can’t stand mayo. The Bacon Mac & Cheese wasn’t that great, but I know for a fact that their sweet potato fries and hash browns are amazing. I’ve had a few of their omelets and the pancakes are really good as well.

IMG_9484My companion for the afternoon got the Cajun burger. It’s ground beef seasoned with a Cajun seasoning loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and cheddar cheese on a pretzel roll. I’ve had it before and it is delicious. I don’t know if it’s because their pretzel rolls are amazing or there’s something else.


IMG_9492I also got a Cappuccino chocolate muffin to take home. It was really good and I wish I had, had a cup of coffee to go with it.


Overall, this is a great place to eat at if you want something local from Kent.

Wild Goats

319 West Main St.

Kent, OH 44240




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