African-American Festival

A couple of Sundays ago, I went to the African-American Festival in downtown Akron with a couple of friends. Lock 3 was packed full of vendors, people, and products. The air was filled with the smell of food, incense, and butters. Music played loudly and people danced in the grass.


Also, this local clothing brand called Lost Legends had a booth at the event. I love seeing young people starting their own businesses so I decided to shout them out. You can order some apparel through the website.


I can’t leave without posting a picture of my favorite two people in the entire world. My best friend/sister and my nephew, CJ.

IMG_0073Oh! I can’t leave out my good friend JR! (CJ is just the cutest little thing.)


It was a great time and I got sweet potato pie!!! Here are some more photos from the event.



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