Burger Binge: Bar 145°


Bar 145° is located in the newly renovated downtown Kent area. I’d been wanting to review it for the last couple of months and I finally got my chance.

It’s actually way more spacious than I originally thought. The interior is a blend of country and modern. There’s a stage towards the front where they have live shows and the bar is located in the center of the place and stretches out onto the large patio area. It’s actually a really relaxing place if you overlook the fact that they play country music.


The staff is young. I would venture to guess that they’re college students since we are in a college town. I know, I know. It took me a minute to figure that out too. 🙂


On to the good stuff! I started off with a drink called the Bluegrass Punch. It was a sweet and fruity concoction that wasn’t too strong, but I could still taste the alcohol. When I want a cocktail, I want a cocktail. When I want a shot, I want a shot. I don’t like diluted shots or overpowering cocktails. There must be a nice balance.



Anyway, we moved on to the Bavarian Pretzel with a Sharp Cheddar Chive sauce. The pretzel was warm, soft and perfectly cooked. When you dipped it in the cheese there was a burst of flavor. I seriously just wanted to order two more and make it a meal.



Bar 145° get its beef, pork, eggs, and lamb from a socially responsible farm called Nimah Ranch. This farm never uses hormones or antibiotics. All of their livestock are fed vegetarian diets and raised outside. I am a big supporter of farms that are socially responsible and those you can trace their meat back to its source.

Both Joe and I opted to create our own burgers. I got a burger cooked medium on a pretzel roll. I added Aged Gouda, a Truffle Sea Salt rub, Sautéed Cremini Mushrooms, Thick Cut Bacon, and Roasted Sweet Red Onions. I also added a side of Truffle Fries. Let me tell you that, that sandwich was heavenly. It may have even been better than The Rail. It was both sweet and salty, juicy, filling, flavorful with a hint of pepper.



It wasn’t extremely pricey and they had decently priced drinks during their happy hour. The complete meal with drinks, appetizer, two create-your-own burgers, and two truffle fries cost about $42. I’d say it was worth every penny. It’s hard to come by really good quality beef with premium cheeses and other toppings. They even have specials throughout the week. I believe Wednesdays they have their endless toppings for $11.

Overall, I really like this place and will definitely go back soon. I’ll probably try to catch a day when they have a live band performing because I’m not a fan of country music. Or I could just go on the patio since the weather has been so nice.



100 E. Erie Street Suite 130

Kent, OH 44240




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