Cafe Review: Tree City Coffee & Pastry


Tree City is the only coffee shop that I frequent in the Kent area. It’s not only because they have good coffee and employ a pastry chef, but also because the look of the place is so appealing.


It was started by a KSU graduate a little over a year ago and has flourished since. They use direct trade and organic coffee that leaves out the middle man which helps ensure that customers are getting the best quality. As I mentioned, they employ a pastry chef so you can bet your bottom dollar that their desserts are good. I’m also quite fond of their buttermilk biscuits.



I will say that their smoothies leave much to be desired. I’m not saying that they aren’t good. I’m just more partial to the fresh fruit over the carton mix. On the other hand, their coffee is really good. I often times get the White Chocolate Mocha. I have yet to buy a bottle of their wine, but I will the next time I stop by there.



The shop has a minimalist, modern design that is fresh and clean. The floors are concrete and reds, oranges, and greens pop out among the wood and metal. The fireplace in the center is so interesting to look at. Metal juts out from it and arches over the area where a couch sits. But one of the best features I’ve seen was the garage-like door that lifts up on the side that faces the street to let in fresh air on a warm day. I love the way they incorporated it into the design.

Overall, I really like this place and I find it perfect for relaxing, studying, or just stopping by for a quick bite. It is located in the newly built Acorn Alley 2 area surrounded by Laziza, The Wild Outfitters, Bar 145, The Rise and Shine Cafe, etc.


Tree City Coffee & Pastry

135 East Erie St.

Kent, OH 44240




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