Sweet Treats: Delightfully Dipped Delites


I had the pleasure of ordering some chocolate covered strawberries from Delightfully Dipped Delites recently. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a massive addiction to chocolate and strawberries. They are the perfect combination like tea and Madeleines, Nutella and apples, the colors plum and forest green. You can never go wrong.

Anyway, Delightfully Dipped Delites is a business started in Akron, OH, by a dear friend of mine. She launched it a little over two and a half months ago and I’m extremely proud of her. She pretty much amazing at anything she does.


The website states: “Delightfully Dipped Delites dips premium fruit in gourmet toppings to help you celebrate life’s happiest events. From chocolate-covered strawberries to caramel-covered pears, Delightfully Dipped Delites offers the perfect amount sweetness to brighten any day.

All orders are made when the order is placed and not a moment sooner. We take pride in our selection of the finest fruits and ingredients.”

And let me tell you, when she says the finest fruits and ingredients, she means it. When I took a bite into those strawberries I felt the earth tremble and the glorious angels sing psalms of everlasting joy.

Okay. Okay. I may be over exaggerating a tad bit, but they are still really good. The chocolate used was perfectly paired with the sweetness of the strawberries so it balanced out exceedingly well.

I received an email from her soon after I placed my order and she added the type of topping I wanted with no extra charge. I think my next purchase will be some of those chocolate covered pears and apples. They looked divine.

If you’re in the Northeast Ohio area, I would suggest taking the time and ordering from her. You will not be disappointed. She does large batches for events, so if you need treats for a party or baby shower, this is the place to go.


Delightfully Dipped Delites

234-738-IDIP (4347)



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