Health: One-Month Update

As promised, here is the one-month update on my strength, health, and flexibility progress. For the last week or so I’d been feeling like I’d made no progress at all. I fell off the healthy eating wagon after about two weeks then got back on this past week. It wasn’t that I was eating completely horrible, but I did snack on a lot of chocolate in between my healthy meals. Chocolate is my main downfall. Other than that, I’ve been eating pretty well.

In the strength department, I got a workout partner and have been making decent strength gains. I’ll give you exact numbers in the next update, but the most notable is my increase in my bench press weight and full squats. I weight lift twice a week, alternating between upper body and lower body. I also do a light at home workout on Fridays.  I don’t really do cardio because my goal isn’t to drop massive amounts of weight or quickly get rid of fat. If I do cardio, I only do about 20 mins of it. I’ve went from 155lbs in my last post to 150lbs now. It’s not a lot but I wasn’t expecting a drop in weight. My goal is to gain muscle.

The flexibility department has been going so-so. After a couple of classes of yoga I’ve reverted to just stretching and holding poses when I can. I tried to get in about 10 mins a day. This next month I’m going to try to get in longer sessions. I was able to perform Wheel pose a couple of days ago which I was unable to do before I started this. I guess that’s a win for me.

In the appearance department, I’ve noticed some slimming of my hips and abdomen. I’m also gained some muscle definition in my arms. Even thought you can’t see my legs, I’m starting to gain more definition in my calves and my thighs are slimming down.

Now for the photos. I decided putting my starting photo back up was unnecessary. You can check it out on this post.

January 2013


February 2013


January 2013


February 2013


I also mentioned last post that I would start updating what I’ve been eating for the most part. Well, I did not forget. Because I’m weight training I decided to add more meat protein into my diet. I’m not saying you can do it on plant protein, but this was easier for me. I’ve been quite busy.

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