Shop Review: Metropolis Popcorn


Yesterday, I was in the Cuyahoga Falls area and decided to stop by Metropolis Popcorn to check out their interesting flavors. I had only been there one time previously during a summer festival and have been wanting to go back.



Metropolis Popcorn boasts over 50 flavors in everything from Spicy Cajun and Blue Raspberry to Cookies & Cream. They are separated into three categories; Seasoned Flavors, Candied Flavors, and Deluxe Flavors. Their prices range depending on which category you choose.


They even allow you to taste-test the flavors before you commit to buying them and their prices are quite reasonable. I got 5 “small” bags for $22. But “small” isn’t necessarily small. You can munch off of each of them for a couple of days. I ended up getting the Puppy Chow mix, Chocolate Covered Pretzel, Salt & Vinegar, Green Apple, and S’mores.


The Puppy Chow would have to be my favorite. Its blend of chocolate, peanut butter, and Chex takes me back to high school. I used to love making that stuff. The popcorn compliments it well.

The Salt & Vinegar is my second favorite. This kicks you right in the taste buds. It amazes me how much they taste like the chips.

The Green Apple reminds me of the green apple jolly ranchers. I love the bright green color.

The Chocolate Covered Pretzel is pretty self-explanatory. It has chunks of pretzels in it coated with chocolate. There’s a little bit of saltiness in there from the pretzels.

The S’mores is an interesting blended of marshmallows, chocolate, popcorn, and graham cracker pieces.  I liked it a lot. The graham cracker pieces didn’t turn me off as much as I thought they would.


I got a chance to chat with the owner a little bit. He’s a really nice guy who let me take a picture of their array of flavors. It was a very pleasant experience and I will definitely be going back soon. If you’re ever in the Cuyahoga Falls area and want some really good flavored popcorn, this is your place. You can’t beat 50 plus flavors. You’ll definitely find something you like.

Metropolis Popcorn

2164 Front Street

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221




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