Restaurant Review: THE OFFICE Bistro


I’d been planning to review this place for a while now. It’s one of those hidden gems in the area that people are surprised to find out about. THE OFFICE Bistro has two locations. The original one is located in North Akron and the most recent location is located in the Cuyahoga Falls area. The latter one is the one I visited. It’s a bit closer to my apartment and I wanted to compare the quality of the two.




THE OFFICE Bistro is actually larger than how it looks on the outside. There’s a dining area, private dining area, and a lounge located next to the bar. It has a very sophisticated design to it in neutral tones. The large, flat screen TVs were a nice touch. The one in the main dining room featured nature images and it was quite relaxing.


The staff was young (for the most part) and very friendly. They played current music in the background. I heard one of Bruno Mars’ songs from his newest album playing. The music wasn’t too loud, but you could still hear it if you wanted to. When I got there, there was not a lot of people and I’m assuming because it was a little bit before 5pm. As the evening went on, more and more people filtered in.


For my cocktail I had the Write Up which is the sister martini of the Pink Slip, a house favorite. It is a combination of citrus infused vodka, peach puree, fresh lime and white cranberry juice.  It was very citrusy and you could definitely taste the peach.  I liked it a lot.


For dinner I had the Pan-seared Maryland Crab Cakes. I am a huge fan of crab cakes and these did not disappoint. You could tell that the crab was fresh and the crab cakes broke apart without a struggle. They came with asparagus, roasted fingerling potatoes, and your choice of the Soup of the Day or a side salad. I ended up getting the salad. The meal was quite flavorful, but the potatoes were a bit peppery. I found that one had a bit too much pepper and my eyes began to water. I enjoyed the asparagus. I normally don’t like asparagus made by anyone other than a couple of people I know, but these were not bad.

IMG_6532 IMG_6533

Overall, it is worth the time to check this place out. It was quite a pleasant experience and I would definitely go back again. I have my eyes set on the Salmon Tower.



1846 Front Street

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

T  / 330-376-9550​

Later Loves,


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