Small Business Sundays: NOTO Boutique

Today on Small Business Sundays, I’m featuring NOTO, a two store boutique located in Downtown Akron and the Northside District. NOTO is run by fashionable Akronite, Lauren Ward. She’s a sweet soul with an incredible eye for fashion. By picking out everything in her shop by hand, Lauren has built one of the best boutiques in town.

You may have seen Lauren’s shop on the blog before. I’ve featured NOTO a few times, most recently when she opened NOTO North last year. But, I would say the most notable is the Cascade the Runway show that she put on a couple of years back.

I stopped in to NOTO North on 3rd Thursday as I was wrapping up my tour of the downtown area. There was a steady flow of people moving throughout the space and I got a chance to see the new layout. The majority of the selection at NOTO North is women-centric, but there is a handful of unisex screen-printed tees and male shirts for sale. She mixes new and vintage, showcasing everything from brightly patterned dresses to jean jackets and leather shoes to pillows, accessories, and skin care products.

Both shops have a lot of windows, but due to NOTO North being an exterior storefront, it has a lot of beautiful natural light. The people that help Lauren run the shop are all as kind as her. I have yet to have a bad experience there and don’t anticipate that I ever will. She literally has something for everyone, so be sure to check it out.


North: 106 N. Main St.

South: 76 S. Main St. #140

Akron, OH

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