Coffee Hop: Akron Coffee Roasters

Much like bookstores and libraries, coffeeshops are often my safe haven. There’s something about the smell, look, and atmosphere that makes me let out a sigh in relief. Akron Coffee Roasters is no different and in fact, it may be truer here than most.

About three and a half years ago, Albert Macso started roasting coffee to sell at farmers’ markets and craft shows. His story is relatively common in this area. We move away only to be drawn back bringing the knowledge and experience with us. Macso chose Portland, the land of farm to table food and views that take your breath away. A little over a year ago, after slinging coffee at the markets, he opened his first brick and mortar on High St. in downtown Akron (within walking distance of my job. Which means I was going to be there every day. Yeah.).

Anyway, I was first introduced to Akron Coffee Roasters at my very first Crafty Mart. I’m not even sure if Albert remembers, but I purchased and reviewed a box of their variety pack over two years ago. I even gave a detailed account of the flavors of each. Needless to say, since then I’ve become a regular.

They roast single-origin coffee from three general regions; South America, Africa, and Asia. Albert and Eva, the shop manager, taste every single coffee and come up with flavor profiles of each. They roast them until they’re perfect and will throw out bad batches. Quality is key and they measure everything. This is not the kind of place you go to if you want something heavy with sugar or syrups and masking the coffee’s natural flavors. Because of this, almost every other coffee shop’s lattes taste too sweet to me.

Their packaging is simple and they print them in-house. They often work with a local artist or designer on art work for the front of the bag and the back talks about the origin, flavors, and roast date. The shop is clean and minimalist. Albert also likes to promote local artists by installing their art on the walls of the shop. They rotate out artists every few months, but Albert is very particular about the work that hangs on his walls. The atmosphere is relaxed. This is the kind of place that plays jazz or classical. Some days you’ll be listening to a chill Spotify mix and the next you’ll be listening to vinyls.

In terms of food, they sell various kinds of toast produced by a local German baker. Any pastries they have to sell are from another local business like Western Fruits Basket. I often get a slice of toast with peanut butter and honey. Did I mention I have a latte named after me?

I would personally recommend that you stop in. This is a place that will change your view on coffee and help you heighten your tastebuds. I also hear that they will be extending their hours soon. 😉

Akron Coffee Roasters

Location: 30 N. High St.

Akron, OH 44308




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