Small Business Sundays: Restore Cold Pressed

This week on Small Business Sundays, we’re looking at my favorite cold-pressed juice shop. Born in Ohio, Restore is high-quality, raw, organic, cold-pressed juice shop that uses locally sourced items when possible. There are three stores in Northeast Ohio; the one featured in the photos is the Hudson location. The other two are in Cleveland and Canton with another popping up in New Jersey soon. Cleveland is the first of the collection started by Adam Wright and Christie Pritt. They have a similar story to other Northeast Ohioans. They moved to New York and made their way back to the area bringing back something that they learned while away.

Over the last year, I’ve really gotten into the cold-pressed juice movement. Health has been top of mind lately, so although this is a pretty expensive product (if I wanted to drink one every day of the work week, I’d be shelling out $50), it’s a quick way of getting your daily fruits and veggies in one dose. Restore’s drinks are as fresh as they are delicious. But, due to that level of freshness and it being raw, they only last for two days max, so you’ve got to drink them fast. Trust me, I found this out rather quickly. My go-to is the Plant Fix No. 8 because it uses kale, pears, and a kick of ginger. I’ve also gotten the Detox No. 1 with beet that is pretty solid. The ginger shots kick you in the face and will make you a believer in all things ginger.

In addition to their signature product, they also serve smoothies, coffee, and food. The shop is actually set up very similarly to a coffee shop (maybe I should’ve put it in the Coffee Hop series?). There’s a communal atmosphere with a large table in the center, bars along the edges, and tables scattered around. There’s also free wifi if you wish to work there. I have yet to do that for some reason.

Anyway, if you’re in the area, check them out. There’s seriously something for everyone’s tastebuds. If you do happen to stop by, let me know what you tried. I’d love to hear your thoughts and add to my own list of juices to try.

Restore Cold Pressed

34 Park Ln (1st and Main)

Hudson, OH 44236

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