Inside|Out: Firestone Park


In 2015, The Akron Art Museum started one of their most engaging exhibits to date. Inside|Out is “a community-activated art project that brings high quality art reproductions from the Akron Art Museum’s collection into your neighborhood.” Last year, they spread their 40 reproductions across West Hill & Highland Square, North Hill, Downtown, Cuyahoga Falls, Towpath Trail & Metro Parks and University of Akron & University Park. This year they’re hitting Firestone Park, Barberton, Wallhaven and Kenmore for Spring. They have yet to reveal the second batch of locations, but I’m hoping the East side is one of them.

IMG_9145I joined a coordinated tour of the Firestone Park batch in anticipation of my latest photo project #IdentifyAkron21.  This tour was developed by the Akron Art Museum and Rick Stockburger.


Firestone Park is one of two neighborhoods that I connect with my childhood. Much has changed since I was a wee lass, but the quaint feeling is still the same. In addition to touring the area and seeing all of the pieces, the group got to hear about the artist’s life and the history of the places where they were located.


I learned quite a bit about the neighborhood during the tour. There were a few things that stood out the most to me. When we stopped by St. Paul’s, I learned that in the recent past the sanctuary was falling apart and had to be rebuilt. Our stop at the Firestone Stadium revealed that they only hold women’s softball games (so cool) and will begin construction on the fields to be able to attract larger game bids.


When it comes to Heinz Hillcrest Park, I learned that there will soon be a walking path built around it. There currently is not any space for anyone to walk. On Main St., there’s a Boy Scouts of America club which greeted us with snacks and water. I had no clue that they were even there!

IMG_9253In the end, I got to see a little bit of the past and future of Firestone Park. I left with both knowledge and a basket filled with Firestone Park goodies that I won in a raffle. Check out the rest of my pictures below.

Look out for my upcoming project #IdentifyAkron21.

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