Big Love 2016


Big Love, a one day, family friendly festival focused on all of the goodness in the world, kicked off on March 12th at 11am. I first learned about this event last year when I randomly stumbled upon it at the Musica complex. Having outgrown that space and moved to Summit Artspace in its 3rd year, Big Love incorporated far more activities than the previous year. I’m amazed by how much it has grown and become a power space full of peace, love, and light.


Three floors of the building were dedicated to all things Big Love. The first floor focused on healing. Various yoga classes, reiki massages, and arts therapy took place there. I got to hang out under the healing tent, take a yoga class with my boyfriend, and get a reiki message.


The second floor was more of a space for creative vendors. They had everything from jewelry (Trades of Hope), farming (Lets Grow Akron), and art. The stage there featured musicians and community talks. Art installations from the diverse neighborhoods of Akron covered the walls. There was one that spoke to me above others. It represented the South side of Akron and was created by children who live in that area.


The third floor focused on music and food. Various local food vendors like Ms. Julie’s Kitchen and Mustard Seed Market & Cafe were located along the walls while various musicians took the stage on the far end. The center area was a dance floor that many took advantage of (including myself). I believe all of the food served was either vegetarian or vegan. This allowed all those with dietary restrictions to partake in a meal. I had a vegan chicken curry made by a group from the Euclid area (I believe).


The entire festival was lively, colorful and full of people that seemed to stuff Summit Artspace to the brim. The top two floors left me breathless and I had to retreat to the lower levels to get a break from all of the intense energy. Beyond that, it was such an engaging event that introduced people to parts of the community that they may not have known about.

Overall, I’m proud of all those involved and I hope next year is just as successful as this.

Thanks for reading,


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