Park Series: Brandywine Falls


Recently, I took a trip over to Brandywine Falls to explore. I’d never been to that park before so it was a new experience for me.


I’ve been trying to get back in the swing of things now that the weather is breaking and it’s hard. I spent way of much time not being active and the evidence of it is starting to take shape. When you fall off the wagon it takes a while to really pull yourself back on. I know that first hand.


But being out there reminded me of why I love the outdoors so much. This immediate connection to the world around me and the openness to change leaves me breathless. It puts things in perspective.


Brandywine Falls is beautiful in its own right, but I disliked how close it was to the road. It stopped me from immersing myself in the experience. Trevor and I took a short hike deeper into the park and it was okay. I’ve seen so much of the metro park system, this is far from my favorite. I’m not sure why I disliked to so much. It could’ve just been my mood or my expectations were too high.


The bridge was out connecting the trails and so we had to turn around leaving me craving more of an adventure. I almost crossed the river but I didn’t want to risk getting my camera wet.

Overall, it was a new place to explore and I may check it out again in the summer.

Thanks for reading,


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