Oddmall 2016

IMG_9292Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird, a mishmash of comic-con, craft fair, festival, and more, graced the Downtown Akron area once again to fill the streets with a colorful collection of individuals.

IMG_9304I’m not going to bore you with a lengthy post about acceptance, fandom, and nerdery. You’re here for the photos, so I’ll skip the rest.

From what I could tell, this year’s cosplay was the best yet. People went all out and I loved it. Here are a few that I got the chance to stop and photograph.

The vendors were fun and creative. It was a pretty eclectic mix as always.

And to top it all off, there were a lot of talented people around. Wandering Aesthetics had a mini-EPCooker where they invited people to play.

Overall, it was a great time and I’m incredibly happy that it has a home in Akron.


Thank you for reading,


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