Big Love Fest 2015


Big Love Fest is a 12-hour festival celebrating love and the Akron community while working in a zero-waste frame-work. On Saturday, February 28th, people from all walks of life gathered together to view and create art, listen to music, eat, drink, and be merry. It took over the entire Musica complex and extended through Urban Eats up to Uncorked wine bar.

Art installations hung from the ceilings, people did yoga, some meditated, the Wandering Aesthetics crew even gave out free hugs of all kinds. Music could be felt vibrating throughout the venue and the scent of food left me salivating. Everyone there with one goal in mind; to have fun and spread the love.

My favorite installation would have to be the cloud one at Uncorked. A section of it is featured above and the full view is at the end of this post. It’s an interactive installation that allows the participant to add to the piece. I added a tag that said “Be Open. Be Fearless” and “Let Love In.” For some reason, that particular one called to me more than the others.


When it comes to music, I came a bit later in the evening so I only got a chance to see some of the acts. The first was The Help and the Hands formally known as The Help.

They’re a local band that plays Balkan-gypsy folk music with a wide range of instruments including guitar, cello, violin, accordion, and trumpet. I really enjoy their sound because they are quite different from other bands in the area. It sends you back in time. I also like how they all have nicknames like Page, Slim, and Book.


Time Cat hit the stage right after The Help and The Hands. They’re a local favorite that has been featured on the blog briefly during Porch Rokr. It’s a two person band led by singer/guitarist Jeri Sapronetti. IMG_8760

This is one of those bands where I can see why people like them, but they aren’t my personal favorite. I’m the type that really gets into lyrical storytelling and how it pairs with the overall sound.


Light of the Loon graced the stage next. They’re one of the rare all-female bands in the area. I’ve mentioned them briefly on the blog during an art show a couple of years back. I didn’t get a chance to really hear them due to floating in and out of the room.



The last group I saw was Zach & the Bright Lights. This was the first time I’d ever heard them play and they were one of the more funkier groups of the night. I enjoyed their sound and Zach has some amazing energy. During part of their set, they brought on John Burton and he has a pretty great voice that’s a bit softer.

I read a bit more about Zach and I commend him on his community work. I love seeing artists who are proponents of  peace and get involved with the community that they live in. It’s a really great thing and warms a part of me that worries that the world has gone too cold.

Overall, this was a fantastic event with a packed crowd. Peace, love and acceptance were all around. It was well-organized and the transition between family friendly to all-adult seemed to be flawless.


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