Copali at the Vortex

DSC03321A couple of weekends ago, I went to go check out Copali at The Vortex in the Goodyear Heights area. I ended up not staying for the full show, but I know they opened for a couple of local metal bands.

I thought that was funny because they are not metal in the slightest. In fact, Copali is an Instrumental Jazz/Fusion band composed of Blaine Klein (Steel Pans), Willow DiGiacomo (Clarinet/Flute), Lucas Rich (Tenor Saxophone), Cameron Weichman (Drumset), Charles Klein (Bass), and Mike Langman (Guitar).


They have a very professional, polished sound that I believe is attributed to the fact that they are academically trained musicians who know what they are doing. And if they aren’t all academically trained, they are so well put together that you can’t tell.

Blaine attempted to interact with the crowd by getting off the stage and dancing. I enjoyed his attempt. It kept the set very light and fun. I believe my favorite song that was played was Charles’ Jam. It was funky and fun bringing in other members slowly to form a complete sound towards the end.

As their set ended, I heard quite a bit of the crowd say appreciative things about the band. I thought that it was great that people who you wouldn’t think would normally like that genre of music to enjoy it. Good music seems to be a common ground in a world that tries to divide.

Thanks for reading,

signature*I was able to receive a copy of their demo. I may end up adding more about my thoughts on this band in the future.*

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