Irish Fare: The Harp


Recently, I took a trip up to the Cleveland area to have dinner with my father and try out one of their Irish restaurants. The Cleveland area has the second largest Irish population in Ohio (by the numbers not percentage). Columbus comes in first and Toledo in third. When it comes to counties, Lake County holds the most at 19% of their population (source).

I strive to find food that is authentic, creative, visually appealing, locally sourced, and tasty. There are times when I’m willing to sacrifice one or two of the attributes (not including tasty) because it’s just too intriguing or good to pass up.

With all that said, I chose to try out The Harp in Lakewood, OH. It’s an “iconic Ohio City landmark” and was featured on THRILLIST’s Top 21 Irish Pubs in the U.S. and has made Fox News’ Top 10 Irish Bars in the U.S. (source).


It’s a cute, little place that isn’t hard to find. Wood greets you everywhere. A Celtic knot graces the ceiling, as well as a number of other Irish influenced work. The stained glass hanging from the bar really caught my eye. From my seat, I could see water (I’m not sure what lake or river it was).


We got there a little early, so we waited a bit for the lunch/dinner menu to come out. For an appetizer, we got the Corned Beef Rolls. They were interesting and I wasn’t expecting them to be fried and look like egg rolls. They were pretty good and greasy.

For dinner, I got the Fish and Chips with a side of Colcannon (mashed potatoes with leeks and cabbage) and my dad got a New York Strip. The Fish and Chips were typical, but the Colcannon was phenomenal. I’ve made this dish once before and I was glad that I was pretty spot on with the flavors. Needless to say, I was stuffed and ended up having to take a lot home with me.

Next time I go back, I’ll have to try something a bit different. I’d definitely suggest check this place out. It’s not very expensive and has a pretty cool view.

IMG_7968The Harp

4408 Detroit Ave

Lakewood, OH

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