Pizzeria: Italo’s Pizza


Last week, I was feeling a bit peckish and decided that pizza was in order. Normally I would go to Papa John’s because of its proximity to my home and the quality that I receive, but I was a bit adventurous this day.

I looked over a list of pizza places in the area and Italo’s was the first that caught my eye. The first store was opened by Italo Ventura in 1966. He had just moved from Italy the year prior and his father-in-law helped him start the business.

I’m all for start-up stories like this, so I was intrigued by the quality. When I got there, it wasn’t much to look at but I didn’t plan on eating there.

IMG_4193It appears they have all kinds of specials every day, so I ended up snagging a 3 topping, medium pizza for $10. I also grabbed one of their personally crafted italian sodas. That was a good choice on my part because that soda was delicious.

Now, I am known for being adventurous in the food category, but when it comes to pizza I’m actually quite picky. I stick with the standard pepperoni, mushroom, and onions. Every once in a while I’ll thrown in something like bacon or banana peppers. That isn’t to say that I won’t try a different pizza, but when I’m ordering, this is what I go for.


Overall, the pizza was okay. It wasn’t something to scream home about and I thought that the mushrooms were a bit too undercooked for my tastes. I like when everything melds together and the flavors play off of one another. The crust was also a bit bland. I really enjoy a rich, buttery crust. This pizza sated my hunger, but that’s about it.

Italo’s Pizza

1910 Brown St.

Akron, OH 44301

(There are also other franchises in Stark and Columbiana County)

Thanks for reading.


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