Restaurant Review: Downtown 140


Here’s another restaurant review for your viewing pleasure. I’d have to say that this is a pretty good one.

Downtown 140 is a wine bar and restaurant located in Hudson, OH. My father came to visit me and since a lot of our hang out time is over good food, we decided to try a new restaurant. I had seen this place when I went to Flip Side a few days earlier and when I took a glimpse at the menu I knew the only chance I would get to go is if I went with my father. The saying, “Money is no object” does not apply to the budding young professional like me.


Anyway, as soon as you walk in, you are greeted with dim lighting, intimate atmosphere, and lots of wine racks. I really loved the exposed rock look. It makes you feel like you’re in this exclusive cave.


For an appetizer my father let me choose. I got the meat and cheese board. I was surprised that he’d never had one before. I always think of my father as this worldly, experienced person, but he can be very particular about certain things. The board was filled with Matzo, olives, honey, peanuts, and another sauce that I can’t remember in addition to my choices. I selected chorizo and procuitto for the meats and a couple cheeses suggested by the waitress (I apologize for not remembering the cheeses. I thought they were written down somewhere).

For drinks, I got the Selbach-Oster Riesling Auslese 2010 which is traditionally a dessert wine, but I don’t care. I love wine of all kinds, but Riesling is an absolute favorite. My dad got a beer. It was something I’d never heard of but he thought it was okay.


For dinner, I got the Lobster Fettuccine made with Butter Poached Tail, Pistachios, Arugula, Lemon, Cream and Truffled Fettuccini. It was both light and heavy at the same time. I left there feeling full, but not stuffed. I thought it was an interesting choice for the Pistachios, but the texture combination was nice. It was a surprisingly good blend.


My dad got a steak which is nothing new. He likes his Filet Mignon. This time it was sitting on Haricot Verts with Mushroom Gratin, Pecorino Romano and Chives. Basically, a steak on green beans, topped with mushrooms, and a side of mashed potatoes with chives. Why do people have to make things sound much more complicated than they are?

It was definitely tender and full of flavor. But the big thing was that he liked it. I’ve tried several restaurants with him and if he doesn’t like the steak, then he immediately decides that it isn’t worth going back. Steak purists, pfft.

I’d say if you have some cash to blow and want a really nice meal up in Hudson, then this is a pretty good place to try. It is quite expensive. Our meal was upwards of $120 before tip. I know what you’re saying, but I’m doing this for you guys. I am determined to provide the most accurate and well-rounded restaurant reviews for the area. The job has to fall on someone.

Thanks for reading!

Downtown 140

140 N. Main St.

Hudson, OH 44236


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