Restaurant Review: Lou’s Fish Shack


Lou’s Fish Shack opened in 1988 by Laura “Lou” Gillespie. In opening the restaurant, she also created a blues club on the top floor. After changing hands to Don Taratino and the Meyer’s family in 1998, they decided to keep Lou on as a consultant.  In 2011, it closed for remodeling and opened in 2012.

This is the perfect place to go for a quick bite to eat at Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s a really cool looking place they tries to keep their ingredients locally sourced.



I ordered the tea with an appetizer of fried calamari and then the house made New England clam chowder. I really enjoyed the tea and calamari. The tea had a tropical flavor to it and the calamari was so good that before I knew it, half of the basket was gone. It was nice and crunchy with a decent amount of flavor in the batter that didn’t overwhelm the freshness of the squid.


IMG_2088 IMG_2086IMG_2095

The clam chowder left much to be desired. It was kind of bland in my opinion although the potatoes did melt in my mouth. I’ve had better at the Stewpot Kitchen in Downtown Akron.

Overall, the place was good for a quick meal by the docks. I probably would try a different place if I were to get back to SF.


Rating: 6.5/10

Lou’s Fish Shack

300 Jefferson St.  (At Pier 47 – Fisherman’s Wharf)

San Francisco, California 94133



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