Sweet Treats: Cupcake Binge!

At no other time has Nature concentrated such a wealth of valuable nourishment into such a small space as in the cocoa bean.

-Alexander von Humboldt

Those who know me in my life outside of this blog, know that I have a huge sweet tooth. The way to my heart beyond affection, respect, love, and understanding is SWEETS. My heart will melt over a giant bowl of ice cream or gourmet cupcakes. When I bake often times the desserts are half way gone by the time any one else tries to get a taste. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going with my best friend/sister-like person to pick up her cupcakes for her “Baby Gender Revealing Party.”

After a bit of a drive, we arrived at Cupcake Binge! It’s a gourmet cupcake and wine cafe/shop. It’s very cute and the owner, as well as the employees were very nice. They have a wide variety of cupcakes and wines. They also sell coffee and tea for those who do not drink.

As we were picking up the custom ordered cupcakes, the owner provided my best friend/sister-like person’s little brother and sister cupcakes for free. The looks on their faces were the sweetest thing ever. I ended up purchasing a Java cupcake and let me tell you that it was amazing! It was topped off with a chocolate covered coffee bean.

I am determined to take a trip back in the next week or so. It’s a bit closer to where I live versus my friend’s place. Besides, as much as I dislike driving I don’t mind going a bit farther out for delicious food.

I’ve provided a link to their website on the bottom of the page.

Until next time,


Cupcake Binge!

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