John Patrick & The Outside Voices CD Release


Friday, January 27th, JP Halling & The Outside Voices released their debut album “Hound Dogs.” I was excited because this would be my first official concert of the year and it happened to involve my friends.

The line up for the show was pretty solid. All of the bands were along the continuum of folk/rootsy rock that this area highly familiar with. It kicked off with The Brothers Band, an Akron roots rock band that recent released their most recent EP, “Her.”

All of the members are incredibly talented and for the most part they sound good together. At times, I felt there were too many instruments on stage and they struggled to differentiate themselves from others in this genre. After listening to their EP, I find that they record really well and I can get behind that album. My favorite song is probably “Second Guessing” or “Knowing More.”


The Ohio Weather Band is back with a vengeance. They never fail to impress me and at this point, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m already a loyal fan or they’re just that good. This show, they played a couple of new songs and I’m excited to see where they’re going. Due to Corey’s unique, raspy voice and the way their music compliments it, they easily set themselves apart from the rest.

Because I’m trying to be objective, I will say that I have noticed that their ballads have begun to mesh together in my head. I find that I gravitate towards their faster paced songs nowadays.


John Patrick & the Outside Voices hit the stage to wrap up the evening. John has grown so much vocally. I recently listened to his older work on Youtube and you could hear the growth between that and his work on “Hound Dogs.” Gone is the sound of inexperienced youth and the strength of his growth is striking. The addition of the band gives his music a fuller, more polished sound and I am really digging the slight twang in his voice.

Due to being exhausted, I ended up missing half of their final set, but I did take the time to listen to their album. I really enjoy the way it plays. “Terrible Feelings” is probably my favorite song from the album and it could be because of its natural country rock feel.


Not to get overly political (I’ve dedicated another blog post to that), I have mad respect for this band. They announced soon after the assault against various minority communities by our government, that they would donate a portion of their album sales to Planned Parenthood. If I didn’t love them before, I can’t help but love them now.

Although, I missed the jam session at the end, I realize that, that is my favorite part of this crew and their peers. Unlike some other genres, they have no problem having a massive jam at the end of the show where everyone sings and there’s this sense of community formed around a love of music. If you’d like to check them out, they’re currently on tour. Check their site for dates and locations.


Definitely check out these bands if you can; they’re putting out some great work in the area.

Thanks for reading,


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