Wesley Bright at Sweet Mary’s Bakery

IMG_8032A couple of weekends ago, I got the chance to preview Wesley Bright’s new sound before he hits the stage on February 13th at Blu Jazz+. Wesley is a fan of activating small spaces. He is the creator of Akron Honey Company that transforms local, empty lots into a haven for bees that produce some of the best local honey. This time he transformed Sweet Mary’s Bakery, the new sweets shop on the block, into a music venue for one night.


It was an hour of socializing and filled with soul. I left the feeling so much lighter. Wesley is such a dynamic and positive figure in the Akron community. His voice is powerful and his stage presence captivates his audience. Every single time I’ve heard him play, I couldn’t help but dance.


His new sound is fun and a bit different from his work with the HI-Lites. I look forward to seeing where he takes it. His music always seems to bring about such positive energy into any space he plays.

Below are some more photos from the evening, including one of Mary Hospodarsky, owner of Sweet Mary’s.

Be sure to check out Wesley’s upcoming show at Blu+ Jazz. Tickets can be found here.

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