Creative Mornings: January


January’s Creative Mornings Cleveland has brought us to the Carnegie West Library in the Ohio City area. There’s something about these gorgeous, historic buildings commissioned by such powerful figures that entice me. The interior is just a stunning as its exterior and I could spend hours studying the architecture.


The topic of the month was Language and was presented by local author, Philip Metres. Having published five books, obtained give Ohio Arts Council Grants, a Lannan fellowship, the Hunt Prize for Excellence, two Arab American Book Awards and more, Metres is not a stranger to the spotlight. He spoke about his life and time living in post-Soviet Russia, his love of Russian poets, and the struggles of being an Arab American.

Some things that really stood out to me about his talk include when he mentions that “there’s something about art that enters into us.” It’s true. Art has a tendency of crawling its way beneath our skin even when we least expect it. It can affect us in a way that throws us completely off our game. This lead into how he felt that poetry can help map the land and presents life in its raw form. He said that “life can be inextricably full of joy and sorrow” and poetry has to qualms about revealing that to his viewers.

IMG_8001Now, me being me, I love poetry, but I’m extremely picky about it. His wasn’t my favorite, but I enjoyed it for what it was. I may need to take some time to actually read some of his work to appreciate it more.

Overall, I enjoyed the talk and it left me inspired. I look forward to the next Creative Mornings Cleveland on February 19th. The topic and speaker have yet to be announced.

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