Restaurant Review: Thai Pho

IMG_7723Before the new year, I stopped over to the new Thai place on E Tallmadge Rd. near the Chapel Hill Mall area. I remembered the building from my childhood when it was still a bar/restaurant that served more Americana food (burgers, fried chicken, etc.).

As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a new ramp and a patio that looked like it would be perfect to relax on in the summer. The interior’s decor isn’t anything to “ooh” and “ah” over though. It seemed very standard. You could tell that it had just been converted instead of completely renovated.

IMG_7729For an appetizer, I got the spring rolls and personally, I was not a fan. The wrapping’s texture was weirdly soft and sticky. The inside was bland and although it came with a sauce, it was also a weird texture so I decided to forgo it. This particular dish was a little expensive for what you got and the nonexistent flavor. I’ll probably try something else when I go back.

IMG_7734Now, the Chicken Pho on the other hand was the complete opposite. I got it at about a three on the spicy meter. Next time, I’ll probably go for a two. The broth was bursting with flavor, but light. The chicken was sliced and cooked perfectly. The noodles weren’t a squishy mess. It had balance although the heat had me taking gulps of my drink here and there.

You get a lot for your money with this dish. I had to take half of it home with me because I just couldn’t finish it. I want to preface this by saying I’m not sure how the noodles would do for more than half a day in the fridge, but it also stores and reheats well. I had the leftovers later that evening and they weren’t bad at all.

IMG_7730Overall, I think that this is a good restaurant for what they specialize in. I don’t have my hopes too high for the appetizers, but the Pho is worth it all on its own.

Thai Pho

1099 E. Tallmadge Rd.

Akron, OH 44310

You can also order carry out:  234-678-6340

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