Creative Mornings: December


Last month, I had some free time in my schedule to hop on over to Cleveland for Creative Mornings. Creative Mornings is an international, monthly, free, creative, breakfast talk series that focuses on a specific theme each month. December’s theme was Time and instead of having a single speaker talk for an hour to an hour and a half as they usually do, they brought in three and followed the format of Pecha Kucha.

IMG_7750In addition to having a new theme each month, Cleveland’s branch also changes venues. December’s event was held at West Theater and the room quickly filled up as people gobbled up their bagels and coffee from Phoenix Coffee. I love the fact that they have local sponsors.


The first speaker was retired Designer Al Wasco who spoke about balancing your head, heart, and hands. He gave us three steps to follow to get better as both creatives and as people. Step 1: Do It Now (because you’re never going to know enough) Step 2: Do It As Well As You Can and Step 3: Do It Again.



Comedian Zachariah Durr was the second speaker and his presentation was fun. He used time in an interesting way. He listed off numbers of items and connected them to times in his life.


Finally, Ariel Clayton Karas, local violinist, spoke about keeping time and used Bach to demonstrate that. She explained certain aspects of time and how changing them makes a song sound different.

Overall, it was a great event and I met some very cool creative people. Next Creative Mornings talk is January 15th from 8:30am to 10am and the theme is Language with Philip Metres. Registration is already open and it tends to fill up fast. Hopefully, this next one I’ll get the post up quicker and inform you all of future talks.

As always, thank you for reading,


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