Akron Bike Party

Friday, September 18th I joined a growing community of cyclists in the Akron area for a 10 mile ride that partnered with the Akron Art Prize and to honor of the fallen cyclist from a few days prior.

Akron Bike Party meets every third Friday of every month and each event is given a theme. September’s theme was Tweed, so about 95 cyclists of all ages either dressed in tweed, vintage attire, or white (to honor the fallen). Starting at 7:15 pm at Lock 3, we made our way through downtown to the North Hill area and back again. Throughout the ride, we stopped at the several galleries that hosted the Akron Art Prize participants.

I’ll give you all a little background of my experience with cycling. Before this event, I hadn’t sat on a bike in approximately 10 years. A friend of mine asked me prior to the start of the ride if I had practiced. I informed her that I bought the bike the day before and did nothing beyond throwing it on my car rack and letting the wind be my guide.

I leap without looking. It’s a habit of mine that either leaves me with a few bruises and a plethora of lessons or new wings. As soon as my butt hit the seat it was like second nature to me. The wind slapped my face as music and laughter filled the air.

I was faced with a sense of camaraderie that was incredibly rare for me to experience. As many of you have grown to realize over the years, I value my solitude. I chose a field of study that left me to create within my own space and dabble in the rivers of my own mind. In the last two years, I’ve been expanding my comfort zone and broadening the circle of people I spend time with. I may never be completely comfortable in social settings, but I have still made some amazing strides in the ability to adapt. This event was definitely evidence of that.

Overall, Akron Bike Party is a community that welcomes others with open arms and for that I am truly grateful. If you want to get in on the fun, the ride is a slower pace and I’ve added the link to the Facebook page above. The next event is on October 16th themed “Halloween Bike Party.”

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