Review: Cleveland Tea Revival

IMG_4130Cleveland Tea Revival, located in Ohio City’s Hingetown, is an organic tea shop with an industrial feel. Exposed brick walls greet you as uncovered light bulbs hang from the ceiling. Hardwood floors, chalkboards, beautifully framed photographs, and metals complement one another other giving everything a cohesive, older, but unique look. Their logo reminds me of the hand-lettered signs of the old days.

IMG_4123I’ve been there a couple of times and each time the staff has been very friendly. Due to the nature of the purpose for my being in the area, I opted for their premade Hibiscus Berry Iced tea. From what I can tell, their teas come unsweetened, but they have a station to add a honey, Agave Nectar or Raw Sugar. I liked the idea of having a clean and dirty spoon jar.

IMG_4126This place just has such a cozy feel. I could see myself sitting at one of the bars typing the afternoon away. Well, except for the fact that the stools seem to be a little uncomfortable for long stays.

IMG_4127The tea was refreshing in the heavy summer heat and had a nice balance and aroma to it. At some point, I’ll purchase some of their teas to make a home and review. 

Cleveland Tea Revival

1434 W 29th St.

Cleveland, OH 44113


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