Jared Lees Trio Album Release

IMG_1203Last weekend, I went out to Jilly’s Music Room to check out Jared Lees Trio and Acid Cats. That night Jared Lees was releasing his album “After Thought.”

The Jared Lees Trio is made up of bassist, Jared Lees, saxophonist, Justin Tibbs, and drummer, Drew PenCook. Jared has toured and recorded with multiple other local bands including, but not limited to Via Lotus and Winslow.

IMG_1143This particular album is more on the atmospheric side touching on a multitude of genres. My favorite song would have to be the title track. It’s the type of album that I could sit and work to without any distractions. Very smooth and relaxed. You can find it here.

IMG_1214Acid Cats wrapped up the evening and did an amazing job as usual. For those of you that don’t know, Acid Cats are a 5-piece acidic jazz/rock band out of Akron. I’ve featured them several times on the site and they are one of my local favorites.

There isn’t much that I can say that I haven’t already said about them, so I’ll let their work speak for itself. You can check out their work here.

IMG_1246As always, thanks for reading,



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